7 Steps to HD Brows Yahoo Review

HD Brows review: Part one – The HD Brows treatment (7 steps to the perfect brows!)

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“I only have to do three things to look halfway decent, curl my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows and put some lipstick on,” once quipped Friends actress, Courtney Cox.

It’s true, once you’ve filled in your eyebrows you look instantly awake, with neat brows framing and defining the face perfectly.

Yet, looking after your brows is notoriously difficult. If you pluck too much, you’re catapulted into a 90s girl band yet if you fill them in too dark, you look like you have two slugs nestling above your eyelashes. The in between Holy Grail is somewhat tricky.

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That’s where HD Brows come in.

The now-famous seven step brow procedure is adored by celebrities (and real women) nationwide, including girlbands The Saturdays and Little Mix.

What makes this brow treatment different to all the rest is the training of the staff, who are not known as makeup or brow artists, but as HD Brow Shapers — a title which requires an intensive two day training course to fulfill and comes with a certificate.

Here are the seven steps the HD Brow Shapers put your eyebrows through during the treatment:

1 Consultation

2 Tinting

3 Waxing

4 Threading

5 Tweezing

6 Soothing

7 Finishing

It’s not a simple case of pluck and go with these Shapers. They really personalise your service and take the time to find out your concerns and requirements. My HD Brow Shaper, Karen, put me at ease and, despite being a little nervous at the beginning (fearing a scouse brow!), I  was very happy (and relieved) by the natural-looking results.

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My eyebrows before the seven step HD Brows treatment:

My eyebrows are naturally very fair, sparse and uneven. I have a scar on my left eyebrow (just seen) but even without that they’re a little uneven, starting and finishing at different points above each eye.

My eyebrows after the seven step HD Brows treatment:

Afterwards, my eyebrows are darker, neater and more precise. Karen filled in my brows so that they looked symmetrical, and she also filled in my scar. She followed the seven step procedure, which started with consulting with me about my requirements (natural looking but more defined) before tinting the hairs. She then waxed them beneath my brows to remove any stray hairs, then threaded them (which also involved trimming them down to shape). Karen finished the treatment by tweezing out any last few hairs, before putting a cream on them to soothe them — as they did go rather red.

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I was really happy with the results of my treatment, especially after hearing horror stories of people’s brows looking very dark and unnatural afterwards.

I would certainly recommend it to friends and family, with a visit to HD Brows in Harley Street a real girly treat.

The HD Brow Treatment starts from £35 and more details can be found on the Nouveau Beauty Group website.

Have you tried the HD Brows treatment?

Coming up next: Can I maintain my stylish new brows with the HD Brow Palette and the HD Brows Precision Tweezers?

Stay tuned…

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