Eyelash Extensions Do’s & Dont’s & Aftercare Advice

Your Nouveau Lashes Aftercare…
Do’s & Don’ts!…
By VSL Nail & Beauty Salon
Vanessa: 07734 451 417
1. For the first 8 hours after treatment do not allow water to contact the lashes.
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3. Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on Nouveau lashes as this will encourage early fall out. As will lotions, potions, hair conditioners.
Only use water based mascara on Nouveau lashes and tips.
4. Do not perm your Nouveau lashes.
5. Do not use lash curlers, as it will break the Nouveau lashes and natural lashes.
6. Do not rub eyes or lashes; always leave to dry naturally. Dryer you keep them the better!
7. Visiting the sauna / steam is not recommended.

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