7 Steps to HD Brows Yahoo Review

HD Brows review: Part one – The HD Brows treatment (7 steps to the perfect brows!)

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“I only have to do three things to look halfway decent, curl my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows and put some lipstick on,” once quipped Friends actress, Courtney Cox.

It’s true, once you’ve filled in your eyebrows you look instantly awake, with neat brows framing and defining the face perfectly.

Yet, looking after your brows is notoriously difficult. If you pluck too much, you’re catapulted into a 90s girl band yet if you fill them in too dark, you look like you have two slugs nestling above your eyelashes. The in between Holy Grail is somewhat tricky.

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That’s where HD Brows come in.

The now-famous seven step brow procedure is adored by celebrities (and real women) nationwide, including girlbands The Saturdays and Little Mix.

What makes this brow treatment different to all the rest is the training of the staff, who are not known as makeup or brow artists, but as HD Brow Shapers — a title which requires an intensive two day training course to fulfill and comes with a certificate.

Here are the seven steps the HD Brow Shapers put your eyebrows through during the treatment:

1 Consultation

2 Tinting

3 Waxing

4 Threading

5 Tweezing

6 Soothing

7 Finishing

It’s not a simple case of pluck and go with these Shapers. They really personalise your service and take the time to find out your concerns and requirements. My HD Brow Shaper, Karen, put me at ease and, despite being a little nervous at the beginning (fearing a scouse brow!), I  was very happy (and relieved) by the natural-looking results.

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My eyebrows before the seven step HD Brows treatment:

My eyebrows are naturally very fair, sparse and uneven. I have a scar on my left eyebrow (just seen) but even without that they’re a little uneven, starting and finishing at different points above each eye.

My eyebrows after the seven step HD Brows treatment:

Afterwards, my eyebrows are darker, neater and more precise. Karen filled in my brows so that they looked symmetrical, and she also filled in my scar. She followed the seven step procedure, which started with consulting with me about my requirements (natural looking but more defined) before tinting the hairs. She then waxed them beneath my brows to remove any stray hairs, then threaded them (which also involved trimming them down to shape). Karen finished the treatment by tweezing out any last few hairs, before putting a cream on them to soothe them — as they did go rather red.

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I was really happy with the results of my treatment, especially after hearing horror stories of people’s brows looking very dark and unnatural afterwards.

I would certainly recommend it to friends and family, with a visit to HD Brows in Harley Street a real girly treat.

The HD Brow Treatment starts from £35 and more details can be found on the Nouveau Beauty Group website.

Have you tried the HD Brows treatment?

Coming up next: Can I maintain my stylish new brows with the HD Brow Palette and the HD Brows Precision Tweezers?

Stay tuned…

HD Brows review: Parts two and three – HD Brows Palette and Precision Tweezers

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HD Brows Available at VSL Nail & Beauty Salon in Epsom Downs, Surrey

High definition brow beauty has arrived at VSL Nail & Beauty Salon

Vanessa is thrilled to announce that she is now offering HD Brows, A unique seven-step treatment for the ultimate well-groomed, high definition eyebrows, the procedure literally transforms the way you look and more importantly, how you feel. 

Established in 2008, HD Brows® is now recognised as the UK’s No. 1 market leading brow treatment.
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Unlike other brow treatments which use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, your HD Brows® stylist will assess your face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you.

Using a combination of skills that begin with preparation and personal consultation; custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape, as well as customised aftercare, as an HD Brows® stylist; Vanessa will able to transform your face to such an extent that the effect has been likened to a mini facelift.

Demand for HD Brows is growing at an unprecedented rate across the UK and beyond. And even celebrities are queuing up to experience the wonders of immaculate, high definition brows, including Emeli Sande, Mel C and The Saturdays.

To book your consultation or to learn more, call Vanessa on 07734451417

What is HD Brows?

What is HD Brows? It’s a unique treatment for the ultimate well-groomed, high definition eyebrows. The HD Brows eyebrow shaping procedure transforms the way you look and more importantly, how you feel. Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, HD Brows stylists assess face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for the client.

Using a combination of skills, from preparation and personal consultation to custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape as well as customised aftercare, Vanessa at VSL Nail & Beauty Salon an official HD Brows stylist will be able to transform a face to such an extent that the effect has been likened to a mini facelift.

HD Brows also offer the exclusive HD Brows make-up range – a collection of beautiful blushers, powders and palettes to suit every skin tone, along with professional HD Brows brushes for flawless application, all of which are in stock and available to purchase from VSL Nail & Beauty Salon.

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HD Brows Patch Test

As with any treatment that requires tinting, you need to do a patch test 48 hours before the treatment.

The patch test comes in a credit card sized cardboard wallet and contains the patch test and instructions on how to apply it and what to do if you have a reaction.

The patch test itself is quick and easy to apply, it will take all of a minute!
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The patch test applies like a temporary tattoo – just like the ones you applied as kids. You should apply it inside of your arm, beneath your elbow.

You should patch test at least 24 hours in advance though 48 hours is recommended, to avoid any adverse reactions. If your salon doesn’t recommend a patch test I strongly advise you ask for one, unless it’s a repeat appointment but you should always have a patch test before your first appointment.

Everything you want to know about eyelash extensions but didn’t want to ask.

What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions lengthen, thicken and enhance your own natural eyelashes. This procedure involves attaching single strands of synthetic/silk eye lashes, one by one, to your own individual eyelashes for a dazzling look. The lashes are curved to replicate a natural eyelash and come in different lengths, thickness and curl to suit the look you are after.

How long does it take?
Depending on the set chosen, a full set of eyelashes takes approximately two to two and a half hours to apply. It requires meticulous precision and the amount of time taken will depend on the number of eyelashes to be attached and the look you desire.
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Can I swim, shower, exercise or visit a spa whilst wearing eyelash extensions?
Yes, however I would recommend that you wait at least 24 hours and take special care when you do come in contact with water, such as wearing goggles and avoiding the direct jet of water onto the lashes when in the shower. Dryer you keep them the better!
If in any doubt just call Vanessa: 07734 451 417

Eyelash Extensions Do’s & Dont’s & Aftercare Advice

Your Nouveau Lashes Aftercare…
Do’s & Don’ts!…
By VSL Nail & Beauty Salon
Vanessa: 07734 451 417
1. For the first 8 hours after treatment do not allow water to contact the lashes.
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3. Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on Nouveau lashes as this will encourage early fall out. As will lotions, potions, hair conditioners.
Only use water based mascara on Nouveau lashes and tips.
4. Do not perm your Nouveau lashes.
5. Do not use lash curlers, as it will break the Nouveau lashes and natural lashes.
6. Do not rub eyes or lashes; always leave to dry naturally. Dryer you keep them the better!
7. Visiting the sauna / steam is not recommended.

Individual Eyelashes Extensions Information Blog

VSL Nail & Beauty Salon



1. The industry term “eyelash extensions” applies to single synthetic lashes only. Groups of synthetic lashes are called flares, clusters or tabs. They are heavier than eyelash extensions and not recommended for frequent use or long lengths of time.

2. Eyelash extensions are not “one size fits all”. Everyone’s lashes are different and eyelash extensions should be customised to each individual for the correct length and thickness to suit their look and ensure the health of their natural lashes. Not everyone can or should get super long or super thick eyelash extensions!

3. A full set of eyelash extensions is not all one length. The shape of your lash line tapers – it’s longer in the centre and shorter on the outsides and your extensions should be too. Following the design of the natural lashes creates natural-looking extensions!

Restore your love with female tightening Progesterone and buy viagra in india oestrogen are two sex hormones that are produced at the time of sexual stimulation. Modern kitchens in Delhi, whether in home or generic cialis online office and save big money on their international shopping. When a man suffers from the sexual problem, he tadalafil 30mg loses his ability to achieve erection even after proper stimulation. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution cialis wholesale prices to these diseases. 4. Natural lashes grow to a finite length (different for each person), fall out and are replaced by new growth, just like the hairs on your head. When eyelash extensions are applied and maintained correctly, they will grow out with your natural lash and still be attached to the lash when it sheds.

5. Natural lashes are constantly growing in and falling out at different times so your eyelash extensions will too! There is no set amount of time that eyelash extensions will last because they will shed with the natural lash they are attached to when it grows out and that time varies. Due to growth cycles and different stages, the best estimate is that you will shed 1-5 natural lashes per day – including those with extensions and those without. Frequent re-lashes will replace those that have shed to maintain a full look.

6. You SHOULD be seeing your natural lashes and extensions fall out together. This is normal. If your extensions fall off before the natural lash, the adhesive bond wasn’t strong enough or maintenance instructions were not followed correctly.

7. You CAN wear mascara on eyelash extensions but it MUST be OIL-FREE. You shouldn’t need to, but you can. (Not all products labeled  “oil-free” are truly oil-free – they only have to be 70% oil-free to be labeled that way, according to the FDA. Your best bet for extension care is to purchase products specifically designed for eyelash extensions.)

8. Eyelash extension adhesive is designed to create a permanent bond between the extension and the natural lash. It is nearly impossible to remove extensions yourself without damaging your natural lashes. See a professional if you need removal!